Mel (1)

Mel is inside a small building, she is waiting for her food being served. She loves to eat and watching videos at the same time. So she went to this restaurant at 14.15 to take some food home. She never go to that food corner, she never expected the waiting time will be so long. It is 14.48 now, and when the server asked how many turns before her food ready, the server answer sorrily, 5 more left.

She looked onto the road. Small road that will never qualify the definition of road. Many of roads are like that in her area, the local government never really care about suburban planning. Usually, when waiting for a long time, such as long queue or even take a poo, Mel always scrolls at her twitter page. She followed a bunch of people that have 'computer' or 'artificial intelligence' related profile description or tweets. Mel wants to be someone in that field.

Currently, she is only a college student. Her college is one of the best in the nation but still, have shortage of talents. Her fields pay good money for people in the practical part of the industry, but not certainly in the academic part. As most of people in the nation have only median income, a lot of her upperclassman are in industry, earning twenty times as the nation median personal income.

She don't go outside only for food, her laundry bag has been fulled so it is time for her to bring it to the laundry mat. In the laundry, the laundry mat owner remember her face.

Bisnis Laundromat Tidak Mengenal Krisis -

"Hey, hadn't you came here for several times? "


She remembered, that after a certain amount of kilograms, the laundry mat will give a free kilo of laundry. That can pay around half of one time food price. As a college student with no real income except allowance from her parents. She answered indecisively.

"Yeah... I think so..."

"Yeah I know, but I forget how many kilos your clothes have been laundried here?"

"I forget too"

If truth be told, she remembered. It is around three until four times, averaging three kilograms in each times.

"Aah, let's say two times, and it was around three kgs each time, so total six and I will give you free one kilo for that"

"Okay, thank you"

She can get two free kilograms. Which will pay a whole set of food. The food she is waiting now can be paid with that free kilograms.

While staring at the road, she think about that. How stupid she is. She knows the fact and can actually enforce the facts she believed, but she didn't.

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