Me: An epitome of a failure

Self esteem derived from what we had, our achievements and privileges. Failures will reduce how we value ourselves: we become our own bully. What a bully does is usually a set of action to make them feel better about themselves, by positioning the others as inferiors being.

People with low self esteem do it to themselves. They have a set of believes that bully their own existence. The believes define what type of person they should have been, and their existence is the opposite of it. Like a bullied person, they are scared to show their true self to other, and tend to avoid others.

Questioning this set of believes become a hard challenge. In hindsight, the believes we set about our ideal self is usually necessary even urgent. Such as, not being obese, or not killing a conversation. But at the same time, it limit us, to do things we want to do.

Living a life become hard when this set of believes limit your ability to fulfill your desire. It is hard to enjoy moments with it. The insecurities in your head show you the reality of what you really are, a single huge lump of failure. It hit your mind so hard that you feel like you are not deserving anything good.

It is clear to me: what we had, define our happiness and our next achievements. With low amount of privileges and previous achievements, getting the next achievement seem unbelievable.

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