my first ever date

 i've never dated anyone before, and today is my first time doing that. My performance is bad. The conversation skill is still below average. I can't sustain many conversations. Here are the principles I got:

-  when choosing food to eat, previously research the restaurant and find what are the best, so it can be the first topic you can talk about after reaching the restaurant.

- when you have never met before, and have no topic at all. ask about what did she do today. if she do something meaningful, dig it up. if not, ask her why.

- always build a chest of powerups:

    - questions

    - funny memes to see together

    - fun games to play when no topic at all

- compliment her for something she is most insecure of. like: "you are x, who said you are not x", this will build up her confidence.

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